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News from Les Deux Cimes:

The New vintage 2022 is in the winery and under way! 

After a fantastic summer grape growing season, the grapes have been processed and fermented in the winery, it is promising to be a great vintage. This was a low yield year, which gives us great concentration aromas, developed tannins and often low acidity in the final wines. Often to a winemaker's favour and delight!

The wines are heading into the ageing phase of their development, and bottling of the white wines will start in spring next year 2023.

The upcoming winery work.

As we arrive at the end of 2022, the barrel-aged wines from 2020 are reaching the optimal time in the oak casks, this is the perfect time for tasting and assessing the wines. After selection and filtration, the wines will be bottled, labelled and boxed, ready for sale and shipping to some of our lucky customers who have been patiently waiting for the new vintage to become available.


The Scottish connection !

I am very happy to announce the arrival of a new Whisky in Switzerland ! Made in collaboration with Adelphi Distillery, using some of my used oak casks.

The wine barrels are 300 litres, and the Swiss finished ,12 year old, have been further aged in my Pinot Noir Barriques. Used for the Pinot Noir Barrique, and the Black Magic wines.

An exciting project that has taken a few years to fruition, and been a huge success. The next series of whisky will be on limited sale and under reservation from the end of 2023

Please contact us directly, for further details and reservations. 

The New additions to the wine list:

The 'Cimes D'or' 2019, available in 75cl and 150cl :

A blended wine consisting of Cabernet Franc and Merlot , that has been barrel aged for 20 months in French oak.

A full bodied and bold wine, balanced and elegant. 

Merlot Barrique 2020, 75cl :

100% Merlot grapes that have been long aged for 20 months in French oak.

Medium bodied, very fruity with soft and silky tannins ready to enjoyed now!

Deliveries and shipping on certain wines in the UK as of now!


Petite Arvine 2020, 75cl £25 (plus shipping costs)

White Magic 2018, 75cl £27 

Pink Magic 2020, 75cl £27

Black Magic 2020, 75cl £29

Diolinoir Barrique , 2020, 75cl £27

Please get in touch via email or phone, for more information on how to get your bottles at UK address.

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