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Wine Barrels


The first production of "Les Deux Cimes" wines, with its iconic twin mountain label, was in 2007 by Jamie McCulloch and is where the name for the Winery first originated. The translation, from French, meaning " Twin Peaks " relates the production to the Alpine Terroir that these wines originate from.

The first Black Magic series of wines was produced in 2011 under a Celtic design label, highlighting the Scottish roots of the wine maker. Subsequently, the White Magic came into production in 2014 as the company's first blended wine. For Magic lovers, the brand new Pink Magic is in production from the 2018 Vintage, and will be available in late summer 2019.

Production is based in the small, but beautiful wine village of Chamoson, which is one of the largest vineyard communes in the whole of Switzerland. The mountains give a stunning backdrop to a village which still produces a large and varied wine selection.

Les Deux Cimes winery has vineyards located in Fully, Saillon, Chamoson and Conthey in the central valley.

The Winery has been managed there by Jamie, since 2015. As well as the production, the winery offers a traditional wine tasting vaulted cellar, locally known as a 'Carnotzet'.

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